Emiliana Gê, Colchagua Valley [Organic & Biodynamic] 6 bottle Case 75cl


This wine is made from a blend of 37% Syrahm 37% Cemenere, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Granacha, 2% Malbec and 2% Mourvedre. The season in Colchagua presented average maximum temperatures that were higher than those of the previous season. Rainfall was lower than in other years, with a total of 395 mm, concentrated in the winter. The spring and summer were very dry, which benefitted fruit set. The harvest season arrived two weeks early, and despite being a hot and dry year, the decision to harvest early and a good selection of the bunches allowed us to make a Gê that is not overripe and remain faithful to its characteristic style. The first stage of reception includes placing the fruit on a conveyor belt to select the fruit and eliminate any leaves or damaged bunches. The clean bunches are destemmed and placed on a second belt where the individual grapes are selected by size and then pass on to a vibrating table to achieve a perfect selection. The grapes then drop gently into the tanks by gravity and undergo an 8º pre-fermentation cold maceration for 5-7 days. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks and begins spontaneously with native yeasts. Temperatures are maintained at 24º–26ºC and extraction is managed through pumpovers determined by enological criteria. The new wine then remains on its skins for a 10-day post-fermentation maceration at 22º–24ºC, for a total maceration time of 30–35 days. Malolactic fermentation takes place naturally in oak barrels, where the wine ages for 16 months, 80% in French oak barrels (50% new, 50% with one prior use), and the remaining 20% was gained in an egg-shaped concrete tank. The process concludes when the wine is fined and stabilized naturally without treatments and then prepared for bottling by lightly filtering.

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