Alepa, Privo Rosso, 6 Bottle Case, 75cl

An interesting expression of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Caserta area. It refines exclusively in steel for about 12 months to maintain a bright and fruity organoleptic profile, with tones of ripe cherry, raspberries and pomegranate, and then changes to herbaceous, licorice and undergrowth tones. The sip is fresh, medium tannic and slender, not opulent at all, with invigorating and well-savoury juiciness. Artisanal Wine, made with old style methods

The Alepa winery is situated amongst the hills outside of Caiazzo 30km North East of Naples. Here, Paola Riccio has been championing the rare Pallagrello grape since 2002. In both white and red, Pallagrello was nearly extinct by the early 1990s.

Paola has almost single handedly led the rehabilitation of the variety and Alepa now produces a range of wines centred on Pallagrello alongside some of the better-known varieties of Campania.

Farming here is with maximum respect for the environment. A diverse ecology is actively encouraged in terms of insect and plant life across the estate, cycling carbon and nitrogen through the soils and offering a natural balance of predator species that minimises pests. Paola works the 2.5 hectares with a tiny team and is deeply committed to the land and local area. The wines are unique, exuberant on the nose yet belying a freshness of acidity and mineral streak that speaks volumes for Paola’s hard work in the vineyard.

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